The greatest factor that enhances the health and longevity of  an elderly person, school children    and the physically challenged are care and relationship.


 Taking care of the aging parents, children’s school activities, the bedridden, the hospitalized and   the academically, physically, mentally or emotionally challenged is quite tasking and draining.

 A care is better than a cure

A care is far better than cure. It is quite important that our elderly ones are properly cared for. My father, tripped and fell at age 79, that singular incident triggered series of visit to the hospital until he passed on at the age of 80.

A friend spoke with me few days ago about how her grandma tripped and fell. There have been many cases as these. Cases that could have been avoided with the help of a carer,perhaps keep our elderly ones much alive and healthy.

Busy Parents can still care.

Instead of losing your children completely. We help bridge the gap created by your genuine busy schedule.

Our team will take them to school, bring them back, coach them in the evening and attend all their school functions. This will prove to your children that you     still care.

 While doing this, we are very careful to draw a line between us as carers and you the real   parents.  We won’t replace but represent you and help you build a stronger connection with your   children.

 When your Child is not getting it Academically

  If your child seems not to be getting it academically, we have teachers who will coach them patiently right in your home and get them turned around academically.

  It is quite obvious that many parents have been very genuinely busy that they do not have a lot    of time to attend school activities. This role can be handled by our carers and you will never          lose   your position as caring parents to your children.

Davidchrome is a caregiving service, run by David Chrome Kenechukwu and a trained team of caregivers.We are caregivers and  we help a person to become more self-sufficient, teach and encourage them to live as independently as possible.

We provide assistance with the daily needs and activities of our care receivers such as

  • Assisting with the care of your aged parents
  • Tutoring your children at home
  • We help busy parents with  their children’s school meetings school runs and other activities
  • We care for the academically, physically, mentally and emotionally challenged.
  • We have a team of trained carers with exceptional  therapeutic communication skill.

Our  Team of Caregivers

  • carers- care for the aged, the challenged, babies, the hospitalized and the bedridden
  • Care supervisors- monitor the carer’s performance and arrange a compatible and reliable carers for the your needs.
  • Teachers- Tutor your children at home and help with school runs
  • Doctors- manage the physical health of the care receiver.

Our services 

Our services are in two parts. There are;

  • Offline services. In this arm of care we deplore carers or tutors to your homes or hospitals according to your demand.
  • Online services; These include caregiving blog posts, health articles, free e-books, a meeting with a representative, health products. Online training and coaching of caregivers and job vacancies.                                                                                             

Become a caregiver

The privilege to become a caregiver is opened to the very few who have the heart and the patience to work with the elderly, the physically challenged, school children and teenagers.

This profession is not for all. It is for very few set of people. If you are among these patient and calm few. You may apply for our part time care giving job.