Best ways to make and enjoy your ginger tea

Before I begin to say a word on best ways to make and enjoy your ginger tea.  I will like to say this, that the earlier we begin to take healthful tea the better and healthier our world will be.

We have been blessed with a lot of natural leaves, roots, herbs and rhizomes from which we can make our own health friendly tea.

But many of us have chosen carbonated drinks,alcohol based drinks, sweetened chocolate drinks, sugar based drinks etc that do more harm than good to us.

Let’s make some ginger tea.

Ginger tea is not difficult to make, there are many easy ways that ginger tea can be made. I will describe each way below;

preparation of ginger tea from fresh ginger rhizome

  • Get some ginger rhizome from spice stores or any other place around you
  • Scrape off the thick back, you can use a knife to do this or a spoon. You can as well use metal sponge
  • Wash the ginger very well in water. Ensure you wash off all sand and pebbles.
  • Pick up your kitchen grater and grate the fresh ginger. Use the tiniest face to get the finest pulp.
  • Boil some water to steam. Make sure it boils with steam gushing out from it
  • Put the grated ginger in a little bowl or cup and pour the boiling water into it
  • cover the cup very well and allow it to stand for about 5 minutes
  • Gently filter the tea into another tea cup to remove the ginger particles
  • Your tea is ready!
  • Add some sugar or honey if you like. I prefer honey. You can as well add some milk and accompany it with some slices of bread.

preparation from ginger powder

  • Boil some water, make sure it boils very well
  • Put about a spoonful of ginger powder in a cup
  • pour about half a cup of water and cover for about 3 mins
  • filter the tea into a new cup
  • Wow, your tasty aromatic ginger tea is ready!

preparation from sliced fresh ginger rhizome

  • Wash your ginger very well
  • Bruise the back a little with a strong kitchen sponge to remove the thick skin
  • Slice the fresh ginger with a knife
  • Pour the sliced ginger into a pot and cook it for about 20 minutes
  • You can pour some tea for yourself now.

Ways to  enjoy your ginger tea

There are many ways you can enjoy your ginger tea after you have made it from any of the above methods. These are the best ways to make and  enjoy your ginger tea;

Ginger tea with some slices of bread

  • After making the ginger tea, add some honey to it and some milk.
  • Stir gently and have some taste of it. If it is tasty enough, you can go ahead and take it with some slices of bread. If not you can add some more honey and milk

I must confess to you, this is super delicious and very aromatic. I always  like to have this for  my breakfast.

Ginger tea with pap(akamu).

You can choose to season up your corn pap with ginger tea. There are  many ways this can be done.These are my approaches;

  •  Allow the ginger tea to cool  to the room temperature. When  I say room temperature, I mean the temperature of your unrefrigerated drinking water.
  •  Get your raw pap and mix it to your desired thickness with the ginger tea. The usual way to make pap is to mix the raw pap with some water before pouring boiling  water. This time, instead of using water to premix the pap, ginger tea is used.

After mixing the pap keep it and boil some water. Make sure the water boils thoroughly. If it doesn’t boil properly,your pap will not form.

(Therefore your case will be like that of my brother, who always comes up with watery and unformed pap. He would eventually have to recook the pap after pouring all the boiled water without a result)

  • When the water is boiled to steam, leave it on the stove and stir your ‘ginger tea- pap mix’ once more to break any lump that must have formed, when you were waiting for the water to boil.

While holding the spoon you use in stirring in one hand, use the other hand to pick your kettle from the the stove.

  • Pour the boiling  water gently into the pap and stir continuously. Keep pouring gently, don’t run or rush the water into the pap. If you do, you may end up having a very watery ginger pap.
  • At a point the pap begins to form. Once this begins to happen. Stop pouring the boiling water and put the kettle back on the stove, but keep stirring the pap. While stirring watch out for uneven colouration.

If you notice that you have some parts of your pap that looks  like a raw pap then add some more boiling water, just a little please. Stop pouring the boiling water and stir. Your ginger pap should be ready by now.

You can also take your ginger tea with some snacks like egg rolls, meat pie, buns, puff puff, biscuits, cakes and so on. In this case you can use it as a beverage.

I prefer taking my snacks with unsweetened ginger tea. I love to dip my snacks in it. You can try this out.

Health benefits of ginger tea

I will tell you what I have observed in my body ever since I made ginger a large part of my meals. Below are some of the reasons that I have written on the best ways to make and enjoy your ginger tea

  • I have stopped having irritations after using the restroom.
  • I have noticed that, after taking ginger tea with bread in the morning, I am much more awake and active, you will never find me drowsy or slow at work
  • I have also noticed that I have not been coming down with cold and catarrh like previously.
  • I have used it effectively to clear out any sore or wound on my gum, tongue or somewhere in the mouth.
  • In fact I have combated and defeated constipation using ginger tea. I have noticed that, when I am taking ginger tea consistently, my bowels move with ease, I don’t stay in the rest room for too long.

Excess ginger intake can make you purge. I has happened to me before, I began to stool after excess ginger tea and chewing of raw ginger rhizome. I wasn’t feeling any discomfort though. It was just a free and harmless stool which stopped in a short while.

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