Thirst before water is death- Stay alive with these insights

Many wouldn’t be suffering right now if we have found out earlier that, thirst before water is death.  This is an eye opening discovery and a stern warning to all, about how much damage you have done to yourself and how adequate water intake may be all you need to get your health back on track.

Does your body manufacture water?

Water constitutes the largest components of the human body. Your body can do without food  for several days but not without water.Hence, thirst before water is death, it is death to cells and to other vital chemical processes in your body.

Despite the importance of water to your body, your body does not produce water but depends on how much you drink. Did you hear that??

Anyways, some drops of water are produced in your body during metabolic processes but that is too small to do anything for you.

Therefore, guys we’ve got to take sufficient water to get our body system working properly. The truth is most of the ailments that we visit doctors for can become a thing of the past if we are wise and disciplined enough to drink sufficient water and that, before we ever feel thirsty.

The unappreciated importance of water

  • Water is intracellular and extracellular in the body. The intracellular water constitutes about two-third of the total body water and 50 percent body weight of a normal adult.
  • All chemical changes in the body take place the presence of water. The blood is 90% water and your urine is 96% water.
  • Water aids  the elimination of bowels waste and it lubricates moving parts of the body.
  • Water is an infinitely better natural antihistamine than any pain killer.
  • Water is a nutrient and your body cannot produce it. What it produces are drops which are  nothing but a metabolic product.
  • Your body cannot help itself when it comes to water production. It depends on how much it gets from you. I mean, how much you drink.
  • Whether your body will get enough water and remain healthy is totally dependent on how much water you take.

When is the right time to drink water, before or when thirsty?

Thirst is a signal, that the interior of the body cell is already drastically dehydrated.

Come with me, I have got something to show you. Water is very essential to life that is why it is possible to go days without food but not without water. Nonetheless, If you try it, unless you are in spirit and not on this planet earth, you may die.

Dehydration should be prevented and not corrected but what we do most times is to correct dehydration rather than prevent it. Therefore it is important to know that , the moment you feel thirsty, the cells of your body must have long suffered dehydration.

As a matter of fact, your body fluid has become very concentrated even before thirst is induced, therefore thirst before water is an invitation to a gradual and premature death. Please always drink water before you ever feel thirsty.

Why you should take water before you are thirsty

The brain tissue is 85 percent water and cannot endure “thirst-inducing” dehydration. When any cell begins to dry up and get damaged from the inside, the nucleus in that cell, and its DNA structure, are not exempted from the damage

Some of the reasons are;

  • Water is a nutrient. The shortage of water will cause the body to lose most of his physiological functions.
  • The inner parts  of the cells of the body will become very  dehydrated when there is water shortage which will affects its functions.
  • The  control and effective function of cation pumps is powered by water.
  • All cells of the body  function efficiently within their physiological roles, when fully and well hydrated. 
  • Sufficient water maintains the fluidity of the blood and scarcity causes the circulation of concentrated blood which is harmful to the body.
  • Water generates voltage gradient by adequately hydrating/watering the pump proteins in the neurotransmission systems of the body.
  • Proteins and enzymes of the body function more efficiently in solutions of lower viscosity. Therefore when fluid concentration is high, i.e. when there is shortage of water, the proteins and the enzymes of the body lose most of their functions.

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Thirst mechanism

Thirst is initiated when the Na+/K+ATPase pump in your body.

Histamine is produced when one is dehydrated. The neurotransmitter, histamine is the initiator of thirst and its management. Shortly after, Vasopressin and the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone are brought into action by the actions of the histamine.

The initiation of the thirst mechanisms is not triggered by vasopressin and the renin-angiotensin systems—these systems are only involved in water conservation and forced hydration of the cells. Which can eventually cause a high blood pressure.

Therefore, never ever wait for histamine to manage your water for you, drink water before you ever get thirsty because thirst before water is death to your cells and to vital functions in your body. If you drink before you are ever thirsty and make it a habit, histamine won’t be produced in the first place. This will go along way to keep your blood pressure and other factors within normal range. 

The action of histamine and its side effects on you

Before I write on, I will like you to note that, it has been found out that, all drugs used as pain medications, as anti allergy medications, as antidepressants and tranquilizers are directly and indirectly very strong antihistamines. They all work to regulate the actions of histamine in your body.

And guess what? Water does a better job than all of them because the presence of sufficient water in your body actually prevents the production of histamine. That sounds good right? Read on please.

So! Water is a better natural antihistamine than all of these drugs put together.

How is histamine produced?

Histamine is produced when you are dehydrated. If you continue to practice thirst before water, your body continues to produce histamine to manage the little water in your body. Not only this, over time you will have excess histamine in your body. Which can lead to excess histamine activities.

Conditions caused by thirst before water    

Naturally, the more dehydrated the body, the more engaged the histamine regulated systems become.

Some clinical and unpleasant manifestations may accompany constant histamine activities in  regulating water in a consistently dehydrated body. They are

They are: asthma, allergies, and the major pains of the body, such as heartburn, colitis pain, rheumatoid joint pain, back pain, migraine headaches, pains, and even angina pain, short of breath, high blood pressure, more sugar in the blood, cholesterol levels might climb, Development of  allergies, splitting headaches, depression anxiety, angina,  heartburn, back pain, colitis pain and more. All of these are caused by shortage of water in the troubled areas.

 All these are triggered by your simple negligence with intake of water. that is why I titled this post, thirst before water is dead. Meaning that you should never grow thirsty before you drink some water.

All these are treated with various drugs that function as antihistamines, of course drugs have their bad side effects on your body over time. Remember, most pain killers are antihistamines but water is a better antihistamine. I mean when you are properly hydrated, your body needn’t produce any histamine to manage drought in your body.

This is not a claim that these diseases are caused solely by dehydration but to say that they are largely caused by dehydration.

How water shortage manifests itself in your body

Chronic unintentional dehydration is the primary cause of pain and disease in the human body. Some of them will be examined below;

  • Migraine

Migraine is a sign that your peripheral vessels are excessively dilated due to dehydration. Drinking sufficient water promotes the closing of your vascular system throughout your body and alleviating future attacks.

  • Dehydration induced high blood pressure

Vasopressin and the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone are brought into action by the actions of the histamine. They increase the blood pressure as a part of the drought management program of the body.

Vasopressin and the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone activity in the body are subordinates to the activation of histamine. Their role in raising the blood pressure is a part of the drought-management programs of the body.

There is a forced delivery of water into vital cells at a high pressure which causes an increased blood pressure.

  • Tiredness:

This is the kind that you cannot link to a previous strenuous work.  For example the feeling of tiredness and unwillingness to get out of the bed in the morning.

  • Anxiety, agitation, shortness of temper, depression, sleep disorders, cravings for sodas, alcohol, and even hard drugs, heartburn, rheumatoid joint pain, back pain, migraine headache, colitis pain  and angina pain.

complications of dehydration

  • Heartburn Disease:

Water shortage at the upper part of your gastrointestinal tract, most times is the cause of heart burn. This cannot be cured by an antacid. Of course that is what many will go for.

The most effective thing to do is to increase your water intake, over time, the heartburn will stop and will never return as long as you maintain intake of sufficient water.This will eventually make the phrase, thirst before water is death inapplicable to you. Remember,the use of antacids and other medications can further cause the inflammation of the GI

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

This may also be a signal of water shortage. You may begin to have persistent joint pain that pain killer may not be able to take away. Simple rehydration may be all you need to reverse your joint pain

  • Low Back Pain Disease:

Low back pain is another critical sign that you have shortage of water in your spinal column or discs.

  • Colitis pain (a pain in the large guts). This may also be a signal of water shortage in the large gut.

It is associated with constipation because the large intestine constricts to squeeze out the last drop of water from your excrement—thus the lack of water lubrication. This can lead to hemorrhoids and an appreciably increase in the possibility of developing cancer of the colon and rectum

  • Asthma Disease

Shortness of breath in asthma patient is result of  the body trying to ration the little water it has  under the control of histamine. In asthmatic cases,  free passage of air is obstructed so that water does not leave the body in the form of vapor.

However, increased water intake will help to a very large extent to prevent asthma attacks. It will keep all air cell hydrated and help in breathing.

  • Hypertension

This is another sign of dehydration. Hypertension most of the times is a simple and life threatening ways that your body tries to adapt to water shortage or drought.

When there is a shortage of water in the body cells, a reverse osmosis occurs in the body, that is, water from the blood serum is filtered at a very high pressure and it is injected into the cells through minute holes. This extra pressure placed on the body by shortage of water causes the blood pressure to rise.

  • Type 2 Diabetes Disease

Adult-onset diabetes is another way the body adapts to severe dehydration.

  •  High cholesterol


“Thirst before water is death”  is a phrase which means that one dies gradually as the cells die and diseases show up  as a result of not taking enough water for the body to run smoothly.

It is easier and much more healthier for the body to handle a slight surplus supply of water than to suffer from a deficit. The result of constant production of histamine and circulation of  highly concentrated blood, in the blood vessels can be very disastrous.

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