Turmeric’s health benefits that you wished you had known

Turmeric is always  right before you, but it is surprising that many people do not know what it is. In order to unveil this, I have chosen to write on turmeric’s health benefits that you wished you had known.

A good number of people have not seen turmeric before and the few that have spotted it, do not know what it is. Many people who know what  it is, do not know how beneficial it is to their health.

The greatest destroyers or savers of our health are what we consume and what we fail to consume.

I can confidently say that, turmeric is one of those things that can reduce your chances of having cancer, diabetes, cold and catarrh, cough, eczema, tumors, etc 

In this post I will be unveiling to you the amazing turmeric’s health benefits that you probably do not know.

I think you should quickly check out this afterwards you can read on

In addition to that, I will make turmeric known to those who don’t know what it is and as well give a picture to those who have heard about turmeric but have not seen it before.

Guys, have you tasted curry powder before or have you had curry seasoning in your meal before? If you have had it, then you probably must have taken  turmeric before.  

This is turmeric

Turmeric is a root crop with a tough brown skin and deep orange colour when bruised, it is the relative of ginger.

It grows like ginger and it is dug from the soil just like ginger. As I type this post I have some in my kitchen. If you bruise it a little, it smudges your hand with a deep orange colour.

Consequently,people ask you questions such as; did you dip your hands in yellow/orange ink, why are your hands so yellow?

It is not as tough and fibrous as ginger. Also , it is not as big as ginger. You probably must have seen it in the market. In my country here, it is sold almost at every part of the street and  that, at a very cheap price.

I always love to stop by and buy from the local marketers and some guys who sell in large quantities. It has a peppery, warm and bitter flavour (don’t be scared, it is not that bitter, it is actually tasty ) and a mild fragrance

The bioactive agents in turmeric

Turmeric is wonderful. I took my time to research into the bioactive agents or the phytochemicals that turmeric contains and I found the following;

  • curcumin (diferuloylmethane)
  • Demethoxycurcumin
  • Disdemethoxycurcumin
  • It also contains some essential oil such as; termerone, curlone, curumene, cineole, pc-cymene) some resins, proteins and some sugar (don’t be scared of  the sugar ,lols)

Do not bother so much about the ”deme, dife” and all other scientific terms that I wrote above.

However, I want you to lay hold on the word CURCUMIN, that precisely is the most important active substance in turmeric. That is the very one, that many people have researched.

Different forms that turmeric can be consumed

Recently, I made a very beautiful turmeric powder. Oh! I wished you had seen it. Anyways I will teach you how to do that . You can check it here; Less I forget, turmeric can be consumed in the following forms;

  • It can be made into powder
  • It can be grated
  • It can  be blended
  • It can be eaten raw
  • The roots can be cooked as a herb etc

Uses of turmeric

The yellowness/orange colour of your curry powder actually comes from turmeric. I will make a list of some of the ways turmeric have been used in products that you probably do not know of, they are;

It sometimes  used in custard to impart the rich yellow colour

It can be used in ice creams, yogurt biscuits, cereals etc

Turmeric is used to bake yellow cakes

It can be used to impart yellow colour on popcorn

It makes a delicious tea. I do that personally. I usually start my day with turmeric and ginger tea. It is very tasty and aromatic. I am going to teach you how to do that in my next post

It is used to make bean cake (akara and moimoi). It adds a rich yellow colour to the bean cake

I add turmeric to my jollof rice. Humn yummy! You will definitely love to have a taste of turmeric jollof.

You can also add it to your stew, it will save you from using too much oil in your stew. Just a little oil and some turmeric will give you the desired rich stew colour.

The health benefits of turmeric

 This is where the rubber hits the road. Here, I will let you see the turmeric’s health benefits that you wished you had known. If you can deliberately make it a part of your meal, just the same way that water is an indispensable part of your daily meal, you will have a lot of health benefits.

Furthermore, I want to assure you that you will stand a very good chance to defeat many diseases such as; high blood pressure, dementia, stroke, high blood sugar etc. Research has it that, turmeric has an unparalleled benefits for the body and the brain as it treats a myriad of diseases and ailments.

Below are research based health benefits of the curcumin – the bioactive ingredients in turmeric;

  • It contains at least  20 molecules that are antibiotics
  • It contains about 12 anti tumor molecules
  • It contains about 12 anti inflammatory agents
  • It contains 10 different antioxidants therefore it scavenges free radicals which can damage cell membrane and cause cell death
  • It boosts brain derived neurotrophic factor which is linked to improve brain function
  • It increases brain derived neurotrophic factor which is a type of growth hormone that functions in the brain. therefore it may be effective at delaying or reversing brain diseases and age related decrease in the brain function
  • Journal of nutritional biochemistry has it published that, curcumin reduced brain tumors in 9 out of the 11 studies by 81% without any evidence of toxicity
  • Curcumin boosts the immunity, it is 5 to 8 times stronger than vitamin C and vitamin E. It can help improve mind function and put a brake to aging.
  • Curcumin has been found to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes in people who have  prediabetes.
  • It promotes weight loss and reduces the incidence of obesity related diseases
  • It helps to improve the lining of the endothelium which is the lining of the blood vessels. Therefore It is found to prevent heart related diseases
  • The antioxidants in the turmeric was found to kill cultures of cancer cells from the skin, bloodstreams and ovaries. It has been found to be a suppressor of cancer growths.
  • Dr. Bharat Aggarwal a cancer researcher in Bangalore  India stated that we have never found a single cancer cell on which turmeric does not work. Therefore it was recommended in Ayurveda that turmeric be used for female reproductive cancers especially breast and uterine cancer and  to treat benign tumors.
  • The curcumin in turmeric has the potential of preventing and treating alzheimer’s diseases according to the study published in the Annals of Indian academy of neurology
  • It has been proven effective in the treatment of the most intense aliments including multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, sexually transmitted diseases, irritable bowel syndrome, gum diseases heartburn, stomach pain, intestinal gas, stomach bloating, kidney inflammation, stomach ulcers,itchy skin, tuberculosis, menstrual problems, eczema, chicken pox etc.

At this juncture, I will like to advise that you make turmeric a regular ingredient in your meal. You can choose turmeric tea over other teas.

In addition, turmeric can be made into powder for easy use in your meals. I have seen people who use turmeric powder to brighten up their skin too.

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