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When is it right for a breakfast


When is the right time for breakfast.There has been back and forth among many on when the question “when is it right for a breakfast”.

Starting your day on empty stomach is equivalent to running your car with a reserved fuel. Trust me, you will soon run out of fuel and become fatigued.

“Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.”Adelle Davis 1960s.

The nutrients in the meal of yesterday have been used up.Therefore, your body needs a very good meal to start the day with. Your best meal should be taken in the morning.

What is Breakfast?

 Breakfast is defined as the first and the most important meal of the day, taken between 6-10 am, which makes available the energy needed for the tasks of the day.

Therefore any meal taken from 10 am upwards is no more a breakfast.  I don’t know what to call that either.

Why Your Best Meal Should be at a Breakfast.

 The time between last night’s meal and the next morning’s meal is the longest in natural meal plan. This is the longest time your body goes without food.

In the morning at the waking ,our cells are already crying out for nutrients. You may not have a hunger pang. nevertheless you need to act very fast and take your first meal as early as  two hours after waking.

Breakfast is Right Two Hours After Waking

Eating within 2 hours of waking can make a difference in the way your body metabolizes glucose, or blood sugar, all day. Furthermore ,the stress hormone called cortisol is at its peak very early in the morning and declines as the day ages towards afternoon and to the evening.

A peak cortisol means it is time for a flight, this simply means that  it is time to start the day. cortisol level is already declining by 10am . At this time you begin to have a hunger pang.

Then you quickly grab, most times a bottle of coca cola, pepsi and bread or any other fast refined sugar containing food.

This will do nothing but to spike up your blood glucose. Your pancreas is therefore put under pressure to produce insulin.

Don’t you think you your pancreas?

You may wear out your pancreas so much that it may not meet up with the production of insulin to control blood glucose. You know what? you are setting yourself up for diabetes

Your Glucose Level Rises After Every meal

It is important to note that your glucose level rises every time you eat. This triggers your pancreas to produce insulin. The insulin therefore works to get the glucose into your body, where it’s used for energy.

Research has it that if your blood glucose and insulin are kept at right balance your metabolism and health are preserved.

The Danger of not Eating Your Breakfast at The Right Time

The following are some of the looming dangers for those who constantly skip their breakfast.

Those who are yet to get the answer to, “when is it right for breakfast.

  • onset of diabetes
  • malnutrition
  • stress, poor outlook and fatigue for the daily activities
  • accelerated aging
  • Immune system compromise


About 114 nutrients are required everyday to keep the cells of the body healthy. These nutrients that the  body needs only comes from the food that we eat. If these nutrients are lacking , the body digests or eats up itself to supply these nutrients.

Your body starts digesting the muscles

I mean, your body practically digests your muscles- this is popularly called muscle wasting and loss of muscle mass (marasmus) .It also results in the depletion of stored fat, energy depletion, emotional stress and the acceleration of aging. These challenges are what results in disease

Immune System Compromise

The richest sources of nutrition in our body are the internal organs and our bones. If you are not taking sufficient nutrient most especially at the breakfast. Your body will have to find a way to provide for itself.

immune system

Your body goes to the nutrient reserves in the bones and organs. These can cause a nutrients depletion. Which  causes the immune system to be compromised  and makes the body to become a target for diseases. Our body begins to feed on our internal organs to keep us alive.

Poor Daily Outlook and Fatigue

The skin is the largest organ. It is the first place the effect of malnutrition is felt and it is the first place where the effect of malnutrition is felt. When we don’t have the right nutrition in the morning.

It sets up a chain of reaction  which affects our outlook and activity throughout the day. If you are not yet certain of when it is right for breakfast you always skip your breakfast, you will always have little or no motivation or energy for the day’s task.


If you always skip your breakfast, your body is starved for a very long hours. This prolonged fasting might lead to over secretion of hunger hormone called ghrelin. This hormone makes your blood glucose to spike up.

Over time, if your pancreas is constantly producing insulin to compensate for high (spike) levels of glucose. Your pancreas will overwork and wear out and you may develop DIABETES.

Try your best everyday to take your breakfast before it is 10  am. When you do, eat a well prepared local meal (balanced diet). Not some fast, junk,crappy and all flour meal. I hope you now know when it is right for a breakfast.

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