breakfast skippers gain more weight

Why breakfast skippers gain more weight

Have you noticed that many breakfast skippers gain more weight?   

They go on a fast just to have their first meal of the day at about 11am or 1pm. This is not healthful! Their mindset is that they burn a lot of fat when they skip their breakfast.

Just as we know now, from my previous article the importance of breakfast. One endangers one’s life if one continues to skip one’s breakfast. In fact the more you Skip your breakfast the higher your chances of accumulating fat.

Pay attention to this;

Cortisol level is at its peak when we wake up in the morning. You know what that means? It means your body needs some energy to start the day. Following this, it is important to have your breakfast before it is 10am.

If you fail to have your breakfast, the moment it is 10 or 11 am hunger pang will set in. The moment this happens you look for any available food to eat. 

Most times you end up taking instant energy rich food, you know what I mean? Don’t you? Meals like, a bottle of coca cola and burger or meat pie. A big plate of noodles, assorted meat and a bottle of soft drink etc. The bottom line is that you overeat after a hunger pang and you grow fatter.

You have got a smart body system;

This is what your body does. It converts any meal you take subsequently after the hunger pang and starvation to fat for storage. Do you know why it is so?

“Your body is afraid you may go on another hunger strike soon”

Therefore it stores as much sugar and fat as it can.

If this becomes a habit, your body continues to accumulate fat more than it can burn and  you will begin to gain weight. Therefore, if you keep getting fat, do not put all the blames on your body (smiles). Take some blames too.

Weight loss is NOT achieved by skipping your breakfast. Breakfast skippers gain  more weight. You can skip other meals but not breakfast.


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